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World wide presence

Instruments from DELTA´s RoadSensor Division are since more than 30 years renowned for setting the pace in measurements of retroreflectivity of road signs and pavement markings. In many countries, retroreflectometers from DELTA have become the de-facto industry standards in use, helping ensure optimum driving conditions at night and thus reducing accidents and saving lives.

A proven customer track record – not least by use in industry and by road authorities in 65 countries and 6 continents – tells a story of its own:

High performance, quality in measure-ments, and reliable instrument-ation guarantee optimum solutions in measurements of retroreflectivity – including adhering to the standards in the field such as ASTM and CEN.

Trusted quality

Users’ trust in our products is key in our instrument philosophy. Hence, we spend significant resources in ongoing verification and validation of our product range in close cooperation with selected customers and authorities – for instrument use in the field as well as in the lab. That insures a balanced and minimum cost of ownership for DELTA retroreflectometers – from simple handheld instruments to sophisticated mobile solutions. It is important to accurately verify, when quality of road signs and pavement markings are too poor, as well as avoiding rework of pavement stripes or replacing signs, when not necessary. Thus high accuracy of the instruments is required – to avoid incorrect decisions with significant consequences.

Mastering core technologies

A secret behind DELTA’s lead in the market is our ability to master core technologies, required to make top-of-the-class retroreflectometers. DELTA manufactured optical filters rank among the best in the world, and our accredited lab for optical measurements is key in calibration of instrument references. Our expertise and facilities in test and approval of products, e.g. for electro-magnetic noise interference (EMC), mechanical and thermal performance, etc., are in the front league of industry today. It insures the right tradition, environment and focus in developing reliable instrumentation. Add to that the superior talent of our staff in electro-optical systems technology, and our worldwide network of partners and suppliers – and you have the answer to DELTA’s success in retroreflectometers.

DELTA is an independent technology company that offers accessible information for everyone. As our customers’ strategic partner we ensure optimal usage of advanced technology. We develop, test, certify, and advice our customers in all the phases of product development. We have been the technology pathfinders since 1941, and it is our vision that Denmark shall be the best place for carrying out hi-tech product development.

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