Co-operation partners – Reference instruments used worldwide by professionals

A good customer is a satisfied customer – and our co-operation partners are probably some of the most satisfied DELTA customers around.

A new global partnership

The Pavement Alliance (PA) is the combination of four world-renowned manufacturers of road and airport data collection equipment to establish a new global partnership. The Pavement Alliance is represented by ARRB Group (Australia), ASFT (Sweden). DELTA (Denmark) and SWECO (Denmark).

The PA offers a suite of complementary and integrated products for pavement condition, asset inventory, geometry, pavement strength, skid resistance, and line and sign reflectivity. This specialist product range is well supported by each company’s own sales and after sales service, along with an extensive worldwide distribution network.

ARRB, DELTA and SWECO have a long history of working together, having first established a distributorship agreement in 2006. This collaboration grew recently to include ASFT. The Pavement Alliance was formed in 2012 to jointly promote and develop a diversified range of solutions. For more information on the Pavement Alliance visit website

As the central research facility for Australian government road agencies, ARRB Group has been developing innovative road, traffic and transportation products for over 25 years. ARRB’s survey platform – Hawkeye, is in operation in many different countries monitoring pavement and asset conditions. The ARRB equipment range consists of: Laser profiling, Automatic Crack Detection, Digital Imaging Systems, Gipsi-Trac road geometry, Data acquisition and processing software, Mobile Line Reflectivity, LiDAR Asset Detection.

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ASFT contributes to safer roads and runways by developing technology for weather monitoring, early ice warning and continuous friction measuring. The company has more than 25 years’ experience and today ranks among the leaders in its field with products in more than 50 countries.

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SWECO Pavement Consultants, specialists in pavement consultancy; develop and manufacture Falling Weight Deflectometers (FWD) – PRIMAX and PRIMA 100. Additionally, we offer an Asset and Pavement Management System – RoSy®, providing clients with pavement maintenance strategies that for optimized allocation of funds and resources available.

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