Retroreflectometer products

DELTA is the globally leading supplier of retroreflectometers for improving driving safety for more than three decades.

From the first simple retroreflectometer launched in the 80’es new generations of instruments have taken over making use of the latest technological developments. One of DELTA’s goals is to lead the technical development of such instruments – besides making them as user friendly and easy to operate as possible.

With this approach we ensure that checking the performance of pavement markings and traffic sign boards will be smooth and fast.

All DELTA’s retroreflectometer instruments comply with recognized international standards like the European EN and US ASTM besides being certified when it comes to user safety and EMC emission. The instrument calibration normals are calibrated in DELTA’s DANAK accredited calibration laboratory.

Road markings

Marking Thickness Gauge

Easy Measument of thickness of pavement making

LTL-X Mark II & LTL-XL are discontinued instruments having been substituted by LTL3000 and LTL3500. If you need information about LTL-X Mark II and LTL-XL it can be located under Discontinued instruments.

Road traffic signs

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