LTL-XL handheld retroreflectometer for road markings

RL and QD retroreflectometer measurements

DELTA’s successful line of handheld retroreflectometers for pavement stripes includes the LTL-XL model supporting not only night visibility (RL), but also daytime visibility (QD). Where RL is a measure of retroreflected light, the QD is a measure of diffuse illumination during daytime. No adjustments are called upon when measuring white and yellow markings. In addition, the retroreflectometer shows and stores day, time, humidity and temperature, as well as road ID, marking type and user ID.

The LTL-XL retroreflectometer is optimized to European demands of QD , but is also popular in markets in Asia, Central- and South America, Africa and Oceania.

The instrument comes with maintenance-free LED light. RL and QD can be measured under “dry” and “wet” conditions.

Color display

The LTL-XL retroreflectometer comes with an easy read-able color LED display. Its user interface is intuitive (multiple language support), and relies on rugged push buttons that can be handled in the field – even when using gloves. GPS support and a built-in printer are optional features. Measurements of both RL and QD retroreflection parameters are taken in about 2 seconds, and will be displayed, and printed instantly if need-ed. Data acquired can fast and seamless be uploaded to a PC for further analysis through a USB connection.

Additional data analysis and Google Earth support

Road Sensor Control (RSC) software is supplied with the instrument facilitating further data analysis, and analysis sup-port functions include transfer of data to e.g. Google Earth, which offers excellent overview of acquired data referenced to the exact measurement positions.

Highly accurate retroreflection measurements

The LTL-XL is a rugged instrument offering good ergonomic working conditions, including adjustable handle height for the operator, and in addition support wheels. The performance of the instrument is high, its repeatability is better than +/- 2% and reproducibility better than +/-5%.

LTL-XL has automatic electronic stray light compensation, which ensures optimum performance during daylight operation.

Stores 250,000 measurements

The instrument can store more than 250,000 acquired measurements of retroreflection. LTL-XL comes with a reference/ calibration tile that is calibrated by DELTA’s accredited photometric lab, which has direct traceability to NIST & PTB.

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