RetroSign GR1 & GR3

Most frequently used Retroreflectometer for signs

The RetroSign static retroreflectometer measures the nighttime retroreflection of traffic sign sheeting material, license plates and safety clothing. It is a handy instrument for use on the roads and in production. Over the years this instrument has become the most widely used solution for measurements of sign retroreflectivity worldwide and is a defacto standard in many regions of the world.

RetroSign is intuitive in use. Measurements are taken in two seconds and data is easily transferred to a PC via USB or Bluetooth connection. Options for bar code reader, GPS and Bluetooth extend the instrument versatility significantly.

The internal memory stores more than 250.000 readings, which essentially means that these instruments never run out of memory.

Point based technology for correct results with modern sheeting

From the days of glassbead based, symmetrical sign sheeting, two methods of measuring retroreflectivity exist, the annual geometry method and the point geometry based method. However, with modern microprismatic sheeting, a technology that is nonsymmetrical, only the point based method can provide correct measurement results.

DELTAs RetroSign retroreflectometers employ the point geometry based method – and always has – thus offering correct measurement results. Other manufacturers of retroreflectometers still proceed in selling retroreflectometers based upon the annual geometry method, a method known to produce incorrect measurement results of modern microprismatic sheeting for road signs.

Highly versatile in applications

GR 3 versions of RetroSign are available for ASTM (entrance angle of -4°, observation angles 0.2°, 0.5°, 1.0°) and CEN (entrance angle of +5°, observation angles 0.33°, 0.5°, 1.0°). GR1 is a low cost, single channel version (0.2° or 0.33°). A single channel version, GR1 Safety CEN (entrance angle of +5°, observation angle 0.2°) is available for test of safety clothing. Entrance angles can be supplemented with 10°, 20°, 30°, 40°, 50° extensions.

The RetroSign instruments operate with a reproducibility of better than+/- 5 % and a repeatability of +/- 2 %.

RetroSign instruments are calibrated using references from DELTA’s DANAK/ ILAC accredited laboratory with traceability to PTB and NIST.

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