RetroSign GR3

The versatile, professional triple channel choice for measuring all types of retroreflective sheetings for road signs and license plates.

GR3 features a unique triple channel geometry that makes it easy to undertake measurements of a range of observation angles at the same time. This provides the user with a significantly more comprehensive image of the retroreflection of road sign.

It measures the observation angles as stated in the ASTM (E-1709, E-2540 & E1809) or CEN (EN 12899) standards. Due to differences in measurement standards, GR3 comes in two versions, one for the ASTM markets (entrance angle: -4° and observation angle: 0.2°, 0.5°, 1.0°) and another for the CEN markets (entrance angle: +5° and observation angle: 0.33°, 0.5°, 1.0°).

GR3 is based upon an accurate point measurement geometry offering superior performance in measuring retroreflective sheeting material due to its accurate, sensitive and durable filters. In measuring microprismatic sheeting materials, its point geometry replicates real-world driving conditions and outperforms e.g. alternative solutions using annular measuring geometries.

The instrument operates with a reproducibility of +/-5% and a repeatability of +/-2%. The internal memory stores more than 250,000 readings.


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