LTL3000 hand-held retroreflectometer for road markings

A new generation of road marking retroreflectometer

LTL3000 is part of a new generation of DELTA retroreflectometer instruments for measuring retroreflection of road markings. The instrument is based on the latest technological developments and with modern design and materials. LTL3000 is, like all other DELTA instruments, very easy to calibrate and operate, we like to say: “very user-friendly”. And the instrument is of course robust and long lasting – like our earlier generations of road marking retroreflectometers – and on top of this small in size and light in weight.

RL and Qd retroreflection measurements

The LTL3000 model is supporting not only night visibility (RL), but also daytime visibility (Qd) according to European and US standards. Where RL is a measure of the visibility of the nighttime retroreflected light, the Qd is a measure of the daytime visibility under diffuse illumination during daytime. In particular performance of markings at nighttime is a very important factor in ensuring safe driving conditions besides being a key parameter in making automated vehicles recognize the markings allowing good navigation abilities. Only measurement with a retroreflectometer like LTL3000 is able to tell if a marking performs according to standards.

LTL3000 measures daytime visibility and nighttime visibility under dry and wet conditions.

LTL3000 measures RL from 0 to 4.000 mcd/lx/sqm and Qd from 0 to 318 mcd/lx/sqm.


LTL3000 measures all types of road markings at a simulated distance of 30 m with a high accuracy. The instrument operates with a reproducibility of +/- 5 % and a repeatability of +/- 2 %. The LTL3000 has a RL profile capacity of 15 mm.

Measurement of color coordinates (x,y)

LTL3000 measures nighttime retroreflected color – CIE chromaticity – for white and yellow markings according to EN1436 and ASTM D6628. Measuring color coordinates tells for example if yellow markings are seen as yellow at night as intended or they are viewed as white.

GNSS location coordinates

The instrument can be offered with GNSS location coordinates drawing on 4 satellite systems: GPS, Galileo, GLONASS and BeiDou. GNSS will under almost all measurement conditions provide sufficient satellite connections to establish correct locations.

User friendly and easy to operate

LTL3000 is a very user-friendly and easy to operate instrument intended for users who has less demanding measurement programs, who want an instrument which is easy to transport and who do not need many features to support the measurements.

Measurement data can be transferred to Excel for storage and processing and Google Earth for location visualization using GNSS. Measurement data can be linked to a User ID and a Road ID.

Color display

The LTL3000 retroreflectometer comes with an easy readable color touch display – the display is easy visible also in bright sunlight. The touch display is supported by 3 rugged activity buttons.

A few technicalities

Multi-lingual user menu

Measurements of RL and Qd combined in less than 1 sec

The instrument is electronically stray light compensated to ensure correct measurement results under all conditions

The instrument comes with maintenance-free illumination

The instrument has 8 GB of memory

The instrument is approved to European directives and US requirements related to workers safety and EMC emission


LTL3000 instruments come with a RL and Qd calibration reference calibrated by DELTA in our DANAK-accredited laboratory in accordance with ISO 17025 and assuring traceability to PTB (Physikalish-Technische Bundesanstalt, Germany) and NPL (National PhysicalLaboratory, UK).

LTL3000 is factory calibrated for the Qd value and thus Qd should only be re-calibrated when needed. Instruments with Qd comes with a Qd calibration marking which can be used for verification and calibration.

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