Road Marking Control Kit

Measure of various road marking parameters

Road Marking Control Kit is exclusively designed for quality control of road markings. The Road Marking Control Kit contains the following tools:

  • Marking Thickness Gauge
  • Wet Film Comb
  • Insertion Thermometer
  • Thermometer and Hygrometer
  • Electronic Weight
  • Illuminated Microscope
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Folding Ruler

Keeping control of application parameters

Items in the Control Kit like electronic weight, insertion thermometer and wet film comb are for use in connection with application of markings assisting the applicator in carrying out self-control. The magnifying glass and illuminated microscope will allow for checking of glass bead presence and embedment.

Measuring thickness of pavement stripes

The Marking Thickness Gauge measures the thickness of dry paint and thermoplastic of pavement markings. The instrument is a simple, but efficient metric for ensuring correct thickness of pavement stripes. Particularly for thermoplastic stripes, where expensive material constitutes a significant part of the costs, control measures can be necessary.

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