StripeScan retroreflectometer

StripeScan measures the thickness of new applied markings when mounted on a line marking machine. The instrument is mounted after application and will allow the applicator via integration in the line marking machine software to know the actual thickness of the applied line. With this information at hand the applicator is in a position to adjust the line thickness instantly if required.

StripeScan is based on a laser sensor with near infrared radiation invisible to the eye. The configuration must be mounted in a distance above the road surface allowing it to measure a width of 36 cm (14.3 in) while maintaining a height resolution of ±0.1 mm. If markings are wider than 30 cm (12 in) – the device needs a few centimeters of road surface to make correct calculations – it will still be possible for the LTL Stripe Scan to measure the markings, but not in the full width.

StripeScan is designed to automatically locate the road marking, and deliver the height, width and cross section of the road marking over the CANbus. The system can generate a full 2D profile 45 times per second, so the resolution is determined by the speed at which the line marking machine is traveling. The system uses the 2D profile to locate a baseline for the road and measure the difference in height between the road and the road marking. Therefore, the system is able to measure the thickness, even if the marking is on a tilted surface.


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