Marking Thickness Gauge

Measuring thickness of pavement stripes

The Marking Thickness Gauge measures the thickness of the paint and thermoplastic of pavement markings. The instrument is a simple, but efficient metric for ensuring correct thickness of pavement stripes. Particularly for thermoplastic stripes, where expensive material constitutes a significant part of the costs, control measures can be necessary.

Interface to datalogger

Measuring the thickness of a pavement stripe is simple and easy. After calibrating the instrument to a reference plane the measurements can be taken. The result is shown on the instrument display, but may also be read out to a data logger unit, Digimatic Printer/ Statistic Processor DP1-VR.

Resolution and accuracy

The range of the Thickness Gauge unit is -12.7 mm to +12.7 mm with a resolution of 0.01 mm and accuracy better than +/- 0.02 mm. Measurements are shown as absolute values in deviation from the calibrated reference point. Hence a deviation of 0.27 mm above the reference will be shown as “0.27” as will a similar negative deviation.

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