Instrument service

Instrument Maintenance and Repair Service – or how you can keep your instrument in ”good shape” for the daily work

Instrument maintenance and repair service

Despite the robustness of DELTA instruments, daily use will take its toll and accidents may happen, resulting in the need of maintenance or repair service for your retroreflectometer . DELTA and selected partners offer maintenance and repair service of your instruments. In general, DELTA recommends considering periodical maintenance; servicing your instrument at 2-year intervals seems optimal to ensure smooth use and operation of your instrument.

Product support

I you need support on a DELTA instrument you are able to open a request below.

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The maintenance service is provided at a fixed cost and includes:

Cleaning of the optical system
Test / adjustment / lubrication of the mechanical parts
Test / adjustment of the optical system
Test / adjustment of the electronics
If applicable, upgrade of the software
Function and stability test
Test of the battery and the battery charger

Instrument repair work will be quoted separately and is based upon prior inspection of the instrument. Repair work is commenced and carried out after accept of our quotation.

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