Who is DELTA?

DELTA is a Danish company established in 1941 with the main purpose of helping Danish companies with innovative use of new technology. Among others, DELTA develops, produces and sells retroreflectometers worldwide. Since 2017 DELTA has been merged with FORCE Technology and our official name has changed to “DELTA – a part of FORCE Technology”.

Please visit our web-sites:

DELTA corporate website

Roadsensors retroreflectometer website

FORCE Technology

How does DELTA distribute its instruments?

Depending on the size of the individual markets DELTA either sells via national dealers or sells directly. Please see in the list on “Contact” if there is an appointed dealer in your country. If this is not the case please contact DELTA.

Do measurements with DELTA's instruments comply with international standards?

Yes, DELTA’s instruments fully comply with the current EU and US standards like: EN 1436, ASTM E 1710, ASTM E 2177, ASTM E 2302 and ASTM E 2832 for road markings and EN 12899, EN 20471, ASTM E 1709 and ASTM E 2540 for traffic sign boards.

Do DELTA's instruments fulfil safety requirements?

DELTA offers a Declaration of Conformity (DoC) and a Declaration of Attestation (AoC) for its instruments stating that they comply with the relevant EU and US safety requirements. See the section on Certification for details.

Do DELTA's instruments come with a traceable calibration certificate?

DELTA’s instruments come with a free of charge DANAK accredited calibration certificate identifying the calibration normal and its calibration value(s). The calibration certificate is free of charge and is traceable to the leading international calibration laboratories PTB (Physikalish-Technische Bundesanstalt, Germany) and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA).

DANAK is a member of WECC (Western European Calibration Cooperation),

See: http://english.danak.dk/English/english_services/

See: Calibration at DELTA

What is the warranty period for DELTA's instruments?

The warranty period is two years for all instrument types. 

Does DELTA offer a program for trade-in (buying back used instruments)?

DELTA has decided not to offer a trade-in program. The reason for this decision is our instruments being very robust making them last for many years. At the end of their lifetime they have little value left. 

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