Ensure effective road infrastructures and optimised road safety

Just as with virtually every other modern technology, the com­plexity and capabilities associated with measuring visibility are accelerating by leaps and bounds. DELTA retroreflectom­eter technology is streets ahead of any other products on the market today, and represents the only example of next-genera­tion thinking currently available.

DELTA retroreflectometer products are renowned for their advanced technology and unsurpassed capabilities, and are an important asset in managing the road infrastructure of both today and tomorrow.

DELTA helps develop the standards

DELTA has been at the forefront of developing and implement­ing instruments for measuring retroreflection ever since the 1970s. The company is widely recognised as a leading force in the formulation and continual refinement of virtually all the major international standards currently used for measuring the visibility of road markings and road signs.

These include current standards used in Europe (EN 1436, EN 12899) and the US (ASTM E 1709, ASTM E 1710). Implementing such standards has a substantial, documented effect on road safety statistics – especially at night when a relatively large proportion of traffic accidents and fatalities normally occur.

DELTA provides the technology

DELTA retroreflectometer instruments are packed with the most advanced technology available. This includes sensors for measuring ambient temperature and humidity, geotagging using GPS mapping software, USB connectivity and seamless links to any web browser. They are also designed to interface with both current and future ID tagging and asset management systems.

They use proprietary high-tech filters that make it possible to measure the retroreflectivity of any type or colour of signs, surfaces and materials using the same type of unit, and with no need for correction factors.

DELTA provides the products

DELTA is the world\’s leading manufacturer of instruments for measuring retroreflectivity. These instruments are the solution of choice for discerning professionals who appreciate that getting the best results requires using the best equipment.

The current generation of DELTA retroreflectometers consists of the LTL range for monitoring road markings and the Retro­Sign range for monitoring road signs. A new mobile system is being tested. These are designed to be visually attractive as well as being particularly user-friendly because they are lightweight, easy to calibrate and easy to set up the instru­ment for measurement. All measurement data can easily be transferred to computers and other electronic equipment via USB or Bluetooth.

DELTA instruments are also extremely durable and will last for years with proper treatment. They are designed with the individual user in mind – and are therefore very easy to under­stand and handle.

LTL instruments for measuring the retroreflection of road and pavement markings feature easy-to-read displays, single-handed operation and single-touch controls, making them easy and comfortable for operators to work with.

Handheld RetroSign single or triple-geometry instruments for monitoring road signs are available with both GPS for identify­ing the location of each sign and an RFID reader for effective asset management.

DELTA helps you invest in the future

DELTA instruments measure and evaluate the visibility of all kinds of road markings. The data they provide enable the owners and operators of road infrastructure to make effec­tive, informed decisions about road layouts, road maintenance and the management of road safety. This data also provides valuable information for use in asset management, manpower deployment and road management efficiency.

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