Why retroreflectometer

DELTA – a leading and reliable force behind improving driving safety

DELTA is known for its highly reliable and robust range of handheld retroreflectomers (LTL, RetroSign) used throughout the world for measuring retroreflection from road markings and road signs with the main purpose of improving driving safety.

DELTA has been at the forefront of developing instruments for measuring retroreflection since the 70\’es. DELTA has in parallel been a leading force behind writing current standards applied in Europe (EN 1436, EN 12899) and the US (ASTM E 1709, ASTM E 1710).

Standards – what are their purpose?

Standards are instructions telling national road authorities what measurements need to be enforced and what limits to adhere to in order to improve driving safety.

Having standards enforced will increase road safety, especially when driving during night time and during poor conditions like rain and fog. International studies show that relatively more accidents and fatalities happen during night time driving compared to daytime driving.

Driving Safety – what does it really mean?

Driving on roads can be dangereous – accidents happen, some fatal. Loss of life is a tragedy. People being hospitalised is a significant cost to society, and to the individual in care and lost labour. Do authorities take such costs into consideration when they decide about road maintenance – and thus driving safety? Money spent on improving driving safety is less than the cost of on road accidents.

Retroreflectometers – use them to improve driving safety!

Using a retroreflectometer is the only way to objectively evaulate if a road marking or a road sign provides the minimum retroreflection level stated in a standard – and thus provides the best possible guidance to safe driving under various

driving conditions. DELTA\’s retroreflecto-meters can in seconds measure the retroreflection and provide a non disputable result and proof whether a road marking or a road sign meet or fails the standard guidelines.

Retroreflectomers – help spend your maintenance budget more efficiently!

Financial resources are limited for most of us. Having a road maintenance budget to spend, how do you spend it most ef­ficiently? For road markings and road signs available resources should first of all be used to avoid low performing markings and signs – and keep road safety a higher level. DELTA\’s retro­reflectometers can measure precisely where your markings and signs are during performing, and let you invest your resources there.

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